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Mortal Gods Book Review

17561810Author: Kendare Blake

Format: Paperback

Publisher: TOR Teen

Mortal Gods is the second installment of Kendare Blake Goddess War series. In this book the adventures and fight for survival of Athena, Cassandra, Odysseus and the rest of the rest of the still living gods and reincarnated characters of the Trojan War continues. The book is more action packed and intense compare to Antigoddess because Cassandra is getting more and more vengeful on Aphrodite, while Athena is getting restless on searching for Achilles who might be one of their biggest asset in the coming war.

Cassandra annoyed me in this book. Yeah I know she’s very much hurt because of Aiden’s death and she wants revenge but come on, she has to get her head straight some times. Cassandra did get her head straight some times and it turns out to be really really productive with their quest and it mad her less annoying. Athena’s ‘affection’ with Odysseus is really complicated especially now that Ody’s ‘ex’ suddenly pop out of no where and the ‘ex’ is named Calypso, so whattup Athena? The story get’s really intersting as the plot unravels and the thing between Andi and Henry as being Hector and Andromache is nice and cute, the two don’t want to remember their past lives and love story but I think they’re slowly developing feelings for each other. Still, the Athena-Odysseus-Calypso love triangle but not a love triangle really got me holding on, come on Athena! Just for once admit that you felt some affection/love for Ody!

Mortal Gods is over all an amazing book, that ending again! I knew something like that would happen and I’m like “Look into the bright side, Kendare Blake might not leave me screaming for the next book in this one”, but boy I had never been so wrong. I need the next installment because no, not Ody, anyone but him. Someone hand me the book right now please! whatever the title is, but I think it’s Ungodly.  Check it on goodreads. I love it, even if Cassandra annoyed me, but hey it’s all part of it so it’s still cool. Big, bad gods and kick-ass humans… cool. Kendara Blake is so full of surprises and her writing is tormentingly amazing.

I rate it:

 Ratings - Copy (3)


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