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The Young Elites Book Review

81JbgVO-5sLAuthor: Marie Lu

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Penguin Group

This book is one stunning master piece filled with mysteries, revelations and unexpected events. I really enjoyed reading the book, it has this strong grip on me that from the moment I started reading The young Elites I can’t get myself to stop or put it down, not until I get to the last part that left me screaming(literally) for the next book. So much darkness.

Adelina Amouteru’s character, throut out the whole book, is compared to the butterfly with a broken wings that Adelina and Viloetta found in their garden. In the story that Adelina told, her father forced her to rip the other wing of the butterfly to make it fully broken, the broken butterfly’s story is very much realated to Adelina’s because of what her father did to her. All the cruelest things only to make her manifest her power and see what she can do. Those cruelty are the ones that fueled Adelina’s powers and later in the book when you read it you’ll be surprised on why her powers didn’t surface on her earlier age. There was this time when I read the synopsis and thought it’s gonna be a love triangle but, nah, the romance doesn’t overwhelms the story. It’s more stuck on the sisterly relationship between Adelina and Violetta (I’m getting some Frozen feels over here, but only a little bit because of the sisterly love). I had this freak out moment between Enzo and Teren’s battle, that  is not what I expect to happen. And the deal with her powers, Raffaele has always been right, Adelina is very powerful and that amount of power is really scary because it’s powered by and feds from darkness.

The book is over all an unforgettable read because Adelina is such a remarkable character, she’s not the one you’ll want to protect, she’s the one you’ll be running away from because of fear. The book is like the mix of Game of Thrones and X-men. I love the book and I need the next installment in my hands.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (4)


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