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Antigoddess Book Review

91u2HHzm-LLAuthor: Kendare Blake

Format: Paperback

Publisher: TOR Teen

After reading Antigoddess, I’m never gonna be able to look at the Percy Jackson series the same way. This whole reincarnation of the characters of from the history is really new to me, another beautiful master piece of Kendare Blake. The book is very action-packed, fast -paced and will definitely leave you flipping the page for the next chapter, I literally sped through the end without even realizing that the book is already about to end and made me gasp, cry, and shriek on some moments at their fight scene at the ending part of the book.

Athena knows how to keep her head in the game, she’s still the tactician and warrior we used to know, there may be times in the book when she can’t think of the possible answers to the dilemmas eventually because of the pain of the growing feathers in and out of her body. On he other hand, Hermes is struggling with some fever that eats his skin and made him look like he has anorexia but he can still manage to use his powers when duty calls or danger comes. Like the two of them, all the other gods are also suffering some sickness that slowly and painfully kills them, it’s said to be the twilight of the gods and it is. It’s also the time that they will rely on their human pawns to help them in their bidding and some of the gods are in their big, bad selves. Desperate ti kep themselves alive. And speaking of humans, we have Cassandra. Does it ring a bell? Because she’s the one from Troy, the prophetess but she doesn’t know it yet. And Aiden? Does it ring a bell too? No, because it’s not really his name. He’s actually Apollo, he’s still a god and he’s with Cassandra, why no dying symptoms or curse-able way of dying?You’ll find out when you read the book. This book is like a re-do of Trojan War but in this story, the gods are dying.

I like how Kendara Blake stir some romance in Athena’s world, we all know her as the maiden goddess then here comes some affection Athena never thought she actually felt for someone. Casandra, well she’s dealing with things pretty well but not really, she’s still kind of cool and bad-ass at some way. And that fight scene! So heart breaking!

Terrible sacrifices and unbelievably heart breaking deaths. I should be used to it after reading Kendare Blake’s Anna Dressed in Blood duology but she still surprise me every time. If you haven’t read Antigoddess yet and if you haven’t have the book yet, go to the bookstore and buy it (got a very gorgeous cover, BTW) then go home and sit in the most comfortable position in any room in your house because from the moment you started reading Antigoddess, there’s no putting until you reach the end. The next thin you know is that you’re craving for the next installment.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (3)


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