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Alienated Book Review

13574417Author: Melissa Landers

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Disney Hyperion

A total intergalactic phenomena! Alienated is a really fun read, it’s one of the books that from the moment you started reading you’ll never gonna be able to put down, so exciting and fast-paced. At first I thought the book is the usual alien-at-your-school type of book like the Lux series but no, this one’s kinda cooler because it made intergalactic exchange students seem possible, you know, getting a chance to learn each species culture. The cover is also cool showing the color differences between the planets L’eihr and Earth

Cara and Aelyx’s first meeting is really funny, awkward and embarrassing. It left me giggling like crazy every time I remember it. This whole HALO movement and the response of the towns people on the matter of Aelyx living with the Sweeneys and in their town are getting out of the line most of the times. I mean no, you can’t introduce a galactic specie without arousing the suspicions about invasion but turning your back on your town’s people just because they opened their door for the L’eihr is a different story. Cara’s character is strong especially on how she handles bashers around her and on her blog. She started to open herself up and get to know Aelyx better which is really cute. That drama between her and Tori is a total OMG. Aelyx on the other hand has his inner struggle on the matter of his little rebellion along with the other L’eihr exchange students.  He wanted to ‘uproot’ his little rebellion but not really because they wanted to make a stand. Not until he get to know Cara and his perception on things started changing. Plus he’s kind of hot and he’s also smart so that makes him… hotter.

 I really like the relationship development between Cara and Aelyx, from total opposites who always argue on a lot of matters to watching each other’s back and agreeing together and making sure each is comfortable. My most favorite part in the book is the “Why’s your shirt on inside out and backward?” part, this made me go ROFL because gee, awkwardly embarrassing.

The flow of the story is really good, everything is so well placed, and Melissa Landers do know how to pump things up like putting some action her and some drama there and a sprinkle some cutesy romance. Amazing writing skills she got. I know there’s a lot of alien books out there but Alienated is one of the best one’s out there. I need to read the second book now, I need to know more about this L’eihr community and most especially, I need more Aelyx.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (4)


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