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The Kiss of Deception Book Review

16429619Author: Mary E. Pearson

Format: eBook

Publisher: Henry Holt

Another mind blowing book! That plot twist that I never saw coming! It’s like I already had my theories in place thinking that I already know how the story would go and then bam! The plot twist that I never saw coming and everything came crashing down on me, leaving me agape and disbelieving.

The story did have a rough start bat when Princess Arabella Celestine Idris Jezelia or Lia for short, fled from her wedding day things started to get exciting.Especially when the author opened up the piont of views of both The Prince and The Assassin in the story. I thought I already knew which is which, well, I’ve neve been so wrong.

Lia’s character is really a strong one. She turned her back on her royalness not only because she wanted to find love and really against the arranged marrige but also because she wanted to do other thing without the nosy royal courth that keeps on trying to control her life. I’m really awed on how she manage to work on the tavern and blend in, almost blend in…  it’s her smart mouth and the lingering air of her royalty that didn’t let her blend in fully. She’s also a very nice person and a real amazing friend to Pauline.

Rafe and Kaden… ugh those guys! Let’s talk about Rafe first. Rafe is kind of mysteriuous with his mood swings and the way he talks about his life and where he came from. He’s also kinda hot with his dark hair and blue eyes and the aura od superiority of his. On the other hand we have Kaden, nice gentleman who is almost always in time when Lia’s in distress also he’s kind of mysterious too. Both guys are mysterious, but on who’s who? well you better find out yourself, I’m not gonna let mind to be the only one blown here.

So if you haven’t read The Kiss of Decption yet, you better read it now because your missing one of the awesome mind blowing YA books out there.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (2) - Copy


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