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Rebel Belle Book Review

8475505Author: Rachel Hawkins

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Penguin Group

The lip gloss that turned Harper Jane Price’s world upside down.

I love Harper! She maybe way too lady like but she kind of break that image of hers and became a total headbutting bad ass of the town. I like how she developed her relationship with her arch nemesis David Stark and made her friendship with him go to a whole new level, also her using of swear words, she so totally against swearing and cursing that you could actually see it on how she tell the story. So clean. Harper has this attitude of trying to fix everything like she can handle her social life and her supernatural life altogether, it stresses her out but wont admit it, that is the flaw in her character, why wont she take the advice of the people around her which is only one word… Chill.

This whole business of Paladins, Oracles and Mages really did spark up my interest about the book, it’s really cool how Harper is waiting for her Professor X to sprung up and teach her how to be a Paladin and it turns out to be the person she least expected. Harper has a nice relationship with her best friend, Bee, who tries to understand Harper situation and never turns her back on Harper. David and Ryan, the geek hottie and the jock hottie. I’m so looking forward on how would these two deal with each other considering their current situation. I love how the author made Harper he bad ass here and not a damsel in distress. The awkward trio! Roles are exchanged where oracles and mages are suppose to be girls become boys and paladins who are supposed to be boys become girls, that role swap made the book even more cool. So keep up the good job Rachel Hawkins.

It’s really cool how the story is written though it’s kind of dragging at some point, but from the moment it hit the climatic incident everything is so high on top that when the s-word (see what I did there, s-word) went down it got me holding on so hard and craving for the next installment, that cliff-hanger at the end is real deal cliff-hanger.

I rate this:

 Ratings - Copy (4)


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