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Miss Peregine’s Home for Peculiar Children Book Review

missperegrine_334x518Author: Ransom Riggs


Publisher: Quirk Books

One totally creeptastically written book with matching creepy pictures that will totally fuel your nightmares. I’m so curious about the book because of that weird floating girl at the cover so I decided that I have to pick it up and read it. I had a hard time getting through the book because I have’t fully grasp the world, but as I progress reading I’m all like whoa, what happens next and I was like that for the following chapters up until I finished the book. I also didn’t get to have a hard time picturing the characters in my mind because the pictures are already provided. The peculiar children’s characters are so properly laid out and the character development of Jacob Portman is really amazing.

I like Jacob’s character because he grew from being kinda non-believer to a total hero, I think he’s kinda hot for a peculiar kid because he just made his grandpa’s ex-lover fall for him and he finally found the right place where he really belong though in not the right century. The wights are definitely creepy, especially the provided pictures and their gruesome ways. The hollows, I pictures them in my mind as more gross than the police artist had drawn. The children’s peculiarity is really cool and bugging at the same time, kind of circus like. I got weird-ed at Emma’s character’s because Grandpa Portman and Emma are ex-lovers and now that she realized that Grandpa Portman dead and she saw Jacob with some resemblance with his grandpa, she started to like him to. But I think Jacob’s and Emma’s love story will develop as the series goes on, so I’ll be looking forward for that.

I’m looking forward on how this peculiar kids of the past and Jacob of the present solve their problem on the second book and how they are gonna do this time travel thing. ‘Time Travel’ plus the time loops. Sounds cool right? But my only ‘no’ in this book is that the fight scene and action is not that climatic and fueled, for me, because I know that this kids are not gonna die, I mean this is the first book of the series so no one is allowed to die yet… except for the bad guys, they need to go. But I’m still excited for the second book, which is Hollow City, to see more developments in the world of Miss Peregrine’s, I’m also looking forward to more creepy pictures

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (2)


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