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The Retribution of Mara Dyer Book Review

RetributionAuthor: Michelle Hodkin

Format: Hardcover

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

The third and final book of Michelle Hodkin’s Mara Dyer trilogy has finally come! All those burning questions in our mind about the trilogy has finally been answered, well, mostly. The question about who really is Mara Dyer still lingers.

I’ve been craving for this book right after I get to finish the Evolution of Mara Dyer because of that Noah episode. The book started as kind of blurry and with holes because of Mara’s narration about those tests that are run on her. It still has this darkness and creepiness in the air of the story but is more bloody and homicidal as Mara tries to understand more about her ability. Her search for Noah and her holding on the hope that he is still alive hurts and awes me because I’ve already prepared myself for the worst.That jumping from Mara’s story to Grandma Mara’s story is amazing because I get to understand more about Mara’s past through her grandma’s experiences. I also get to learn more about Jaime’s and Stella’s ability and I also see how they learn to use it and the side effects on them using those. That revelation about Dr. Kells really gave her obsession about curing Mara and other carriers of the gene some sense. Jude, I don’t know whether to believe his words or not and also David Shaw, he’s the real whoa in the story, a villain I can’t bring myself to love.

That ending is so Romeo and Juliette but not the tragic type, Mara and Noah’s love story is more promising and deserves a good, if not happy, ending. They found and understand each other and their romance never falters. Michelle Hodkin truly never disappoints. The thing is, it ended so soon. I wish it was more longer and the shit that went down laid out with more action and bad-assery.

But all in all everything is so amazing and so well written, you’d even think it actually happened for real because their real names are never given, makes you wanna think that maybe these people in the story is just around you. Michelle wrote this with a kiss of reality and makes you wanna think that maybe, just maybe, the events on this book really did happen in real life.

Also, from the moment I get to pick up this book ans start reading it, I can’t stop because I want to witness how it ends. Forget dinner, I want to read more about Mara’s story. If you get attached in the first two books, prepared yourself for this third and final installment so you better DROP EVERYTHING and READ The Retribution of Mara Dyer.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (4)

By the way, I just wanna share with you guys this photo when I get to meet Michelle Hodkin. Face to face with her in one of her book signing events in the Philippines. I asked about her glasses and she told me the back story of it, having bought it with her mom and her mom getting to pick the glasses. I also asked about her new project if it’s based on true events and she says that all of her works re actually inspired by true events. And she hugged me and I hugged her.

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