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Cress Book Review

13206828Author: Marissa Meyer

Format: eBook

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

Finally! An oh-so-familiar type of a fairytale princess, damsel in distress. This book reminded me a lot of the movie Tangled, Cress with her dream of seeing the world and Thorne with his tough ass sort of ridiculous criminal mind. This two make a really good combination, I like how they rely on each other in their unexpected fall in the Sahara, I like how Cress’s awkward attitude grew on Thorne and he ended up wanting to protect her even though he has some major physical disabilities. Cress was kind of funny with her wow moments on earth (“I’ve never seen a real mountain before! Ooh!”), kind of cute. I can’t stop gushing about how adorable their OTP is.

Cress, I so much enjoyed it than the last one, I mean every book is better than the last one and I’m never gonna get tired of saying this, Marissa Meyer is a genius! I enjoy the world she created, I love swimming in her words. This book is to be devoured in one sitting. The writing is fantastic and I like how everything falls into place with the mix of surprising events. Well played Marissa Meyer, well played. SO love this book! Fairy tale princesses has gone bad ass! Recommended to everyone, because if you haven’t read this you’re missing a lot.

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