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We Were Liars Book Review

16143347_zps6e443927Author: E. Lockhart

Format: ARC eBook

Publisher: Random House

This book totally blew my mind!

Yes the idea is not that original because I’ve encountered the likes of the story before but the writer get to do it better than other. Even though I king of keep coming back to the pages that I’ve already read because I’m very much confused, everything worked out in the end and I end up dropping my e-reader because of the bomb that just went off!

The Sinclairs are the most, for me, dysfunctional family ever. Everyone’s  competing for the attention and the heir they will get from Grandpa Sinclair. The family is totally annoying, except the Liars. Cadence Sinclair Eastman is one of the unreliable narrator that I’ve get to experience reading, you don’t even know if all of those things she told you is true after the bomb in the final part. This is a total mind-fuck book that I’ve ever get to read and I keep having goosebumps even just thinking about it even though it’s already days after I finished reading it.

Cady and Gat’s love story is really amazing though it’s totally short-lived,they could have this amazing romance but the freaking Sinclair family stands between them, so… awww. I really like to tell you more, believe me, but I can’t because like what the publisher said “More is going to spoil it”. So read at your own risk and get your mentality ready for ‘the bomb‘.

Hey, after reading the book, I recommend you also watch ‘The Uninvited’ because it’s a good combo. So you better drop everything and read this book because if you haven’t, you’re missing a lot.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (2) - Copy


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