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Scarlet Book Review

ScarletAuthor: Marissa Meyer

Format: eBook

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

Little Red Riding Hood has gone bad ass in the next installment of Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles, Scarlet. She’s pretty tough and all business, kind of annoying sometimes. I like how she defended Cinder from all of those people in the diner. On the part when she introduced Wolf to eating tomatoes is kind of cute and I know that this two is gonna get together, no matter what, they need to get together. Kick-ass couple. I also like how Scarlet taught Wolf humanity. And Wolf, he’s pretty hot and scary sometimes because he can be pretty homicidal. Amazing how he overcomes the manipulation of the thaumaturge because he doesn’t want to hurt/kill Scarlet and because he loves her. Look at what love can do these days.

As for Cinder, oh gosh, the thing that she found out about herself is pretty mind blowing. And the development of her friendship with Thorne is really cool; it’s actually good to have a company when you’re gonna embark a real tough journey. I can feel Kai getting jealous. And Iko is Rampion, she’s the artificial intelligence of the Rampion spaceship. I feel bad for Kai because at such young age of him he has to take on those political problems, but I also admire him for the same reason. Oh, Cinder’s new hand and feet really are so upgraded and so cool.

I so much admire this book, it’s so good. At first, when I haven’t read any word of it yet, then the gush started flowing out om me. This book is a one-sit, stay-in-the-house, and forget-your-homework read. I know I’ve said it before but I’m gonna say it again, Marissa Meyer is a GENIUS! So amazing how everyone is connected with one another in some way. I like how she plays the story with plot twists and when you think you know what’s coming because it just a fairytale re-telling, think again because she might throw something unexpected right in your face. I love this book!

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