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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer Book Review

11408650Author: Michelle Hodkin

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer is about a seventeen-year-old girl who “miraculously survived an accident” that killed the two of her friends and her boyfriend. Mara doesn’t have any memory of what exactly happened in the night of the accident and is said to be experiencing PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and hallucinations. Mara and her family moved to Florida thinking that it a fresh start in a new place will help Mara move on from what happened, but that is when Mara’s past and memories of the night of the accident started catching up with her and other more surprising and sinister things that comes with it.

The book has this mystery, intrigue and darkness that would really draw you in. the story is told in the first person point of view and the way that the character, Mara, tells her story is kind of confusing. It’s like every time you read you always have to decide if that certain scene or happening on the book is real or not real. Unreliable narrator. She has a way of driving readers crazy too, because that is what happened to me when I read it. The writing is so fantastically awesome, considering this is the author’s fist novel. The lines, the dialogue, the character development and the scene description, everything is so well written.

My favorite scenes in the book are (1) when Noah and Mara had their first conversation and it end up in a witty rebuttal (2) when Anna wanted to embarrass Mara in front of Mara and the whole school and Noah was like ‘My girl is talented’ (3) when they go to the Cuban restaurant for their first date (4) when Noah casually asked Mara to kiss him and Mara’s like ‘I’m not into kissing’.

The book is so well balanced on the creepiness and the funniness and the lightness and the darkness of it. It’s like when you’re reading it and you’re on the part where everything is going beautiful and well, something big is going to pull you into the dark alley of fear and depression. Michelle Hodkin has that way of writing and I like her way. I like the way how it didn’t only discuss some mental unstable-ness but also included bullying, animal abuse, teacher’s unfairness to students and family problems. That no matter how supernatural the story is; it still has to deal with normal worldly problems that lurk around.

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (4)


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