Michelle Hodkin · Mystery · Paranormal · Romance · Young Adult

The Evolution of Mara Dyer Book Review

12950372Author: Michelle Hodkin

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

This book is creepier and a lot more haunting than the first, which is never a bad thing. Every happening and scenes on the book arouses questions and the question I asked every time is ‘What the hell is going on?’ especially on the doll part. Reading this book, I don’t think Mara is the only one who needs help and is going crazy, so please helpmehelpmehelpmehelpme. It’s so intriguing and I got so many questions that need answers, hopefully I’ll get that on the final book. And oh, the cliff hanger I never saw coming is unacceptable. Why did you do this to me Michelle Hodkin?!

Mara and Noah relationship throughout the book is just to amazing because they barely touch (not really) but the statements that they tell each other, as way of expressing love for each other, are really beautiful. Especially Noah when he expresses his love through words, I swoon. He is the perfect boyfriend any girl can have; he’s British who loves dogs and reading books, so lucky Mara. Too bad he’s fictional.

Mara’s story telling style, inner dialogue and witty retorts never faulted, she still had me laughing and crying and freaking out. Mara’s a real strong female protagonist; she’s the kind of person that no matter how dire the situation is she’s not going down without a fight.

My most favorite part is when Noah planned a re-do for Mara’s birthday on the beach. It’s just so beautiful and really romantic. That part kind of spiced up they relationship like, well, a lot. I love the setting, the dialogue, and especially what happens after which is really hot and heavy.

Okay, so this book gripped me from the beginning till the end. The anticipation on what are going to happen next, the mystery, and the need for answers are the things that kept me reading. Yeah, also, Mara and Noah’s (MADNESS) romance made me dread every moment I put down the book The cliffhanger, though frustrating, made me want to read the next book eventually. I love Michelle Hodkin’s writing style, she had her readers wrapped around her finger, and I like how she triggered her readers’ curiosity and interest by giving them intriguing scenes. The darkness and mystery and romance is still stirring. I can’t wait for the final book!

I rate it:

Ratings - Copy (2) - Copy


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