Fairy Tale Retelling · Marissa Meyer · Romance · Sci Fi · Young Adult

Cinder Book Review

cinder_coverAuthor: Marissa Meyer

Format: Ebook

Publisher: Feiwel and Friends

This book is not your another fairy tale retelling because Cinderella has gone Futuristic and Sci-Fi.

The story, though quite predictable, is really worth the read and the ending got me blown away. I can’t believe I procrastinate at reading the book, well not until chapter three because that’s where the things started picking up and the next thing I know is that I sped through the end. The story still has these Cinderella elements, with the evil bitch step-mother and step-sisters (one step-sister, Peony, is nice by the way) plus the ever present villain in every fairy tale, the evil queen. Yeah and Cinder also has an android friend named Iko, like for the replacement of the mouse friends Cinderella has in the fairy-tale. So cool!

Cinder’s character is not a whiny little girl who longs to be accepted in the society that she doesn’t fit in but a person who seeks freedom, away from the judgmental eyes of the people around her. I admire that about her. And of course, Price Kai! He is the exact description of my Prince Charming. He’s just so… divine. I like the world, loved it even, and the character development is really awesome. I even got curious about this Queen Levana’s character, I mean, why is she like that? What’s her back story? As for Cinder, I like how I know something she doesn’t, you know, because of the foreshadowing. She’s like ‘Who am I? Who am I?’ and I’m like ‘Oh, I know!’.

Fairytale re-telling and sci-fi are two things that I don’t usually associate with each other when it comes to literature but Marissa Meyer changed my perception about it. The writing is so awesome; the romance is not too overwhelming (which I totally like). This book is a Drop-Everything-And-Read kind. I so much love it.

I rate it:

 Ratings - Copy (4)


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